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Colorado Springs, Colorado

Located at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Colorado Springs has so much to offer. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo was named the 4th best Zoo in the nation by USA Today! Garden of the Gods has attracted visitors from all over the world since it's debut in 1971. Colorado Springs is the home to the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic training Center. This quaint city at the heart of Colorado has so much to offer should you choose to call Colorado Springs home. 

 Highlighted Attractions

Petting a Kangaroo

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

From Hand feeding Giraffe to petting free roaming Wallaby,  Cheyenne Mountain Zoo has it all.

Desert Road

Garden of the Gods Park

Drive, hike, bike or climb your way through one of the most stunning natural formations in the world here at Garden of the Gods Park.

Image by Alex Smith

U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Training Center

The U.S. Olympic and Paralympic teams train right here in Colorado Springs. There is an Olympic Museum here to visit as well.

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