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Navigating Closing Costs: A Guide for Buyers and Sellers

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At the closing of a real estate transaction, a crucial step involves the payment of various fees by both the buyer and seller. This guide sheds light on the common costs associated with closing, offering insights into how these fees are typically divided.

1. Real Estate Commissions

Typically ranging from 5-6% of the sales price, real estate commissions are negotiable. The cost is borne by the seller, totaling $20,000-$24,000 for a $400,000 home.

2. Loan Origination Fees

Covering the lender's administrative costs, this fee is paid by the buyer and is usually 1% of the loan amount, equating to $3,500 for a $350,000 loan.

3. Title Search

Ensuring the property is free and clear of any liens, this cost of $150-$250 is shouldered by the seller.

4. Home Inspection

Buyers may opt for an inspection (costing $250-$700) to identify potential defects in the home, with the buyer covering the expense.

Real estate agent in Woodland Park, CO. Contact Mary Steinbeiser for more information.

5. Pest Inspection (for termites and dry rot)

The cost of $75-$150 for pest inspection is covered by the seller.

6. Home Appraisal

To confirm the home's fair market value, buyers pay an average cost of $350.

7. Title Insurance

Both owner's and lender's title insurance costs (ranging from $500-$1,000) are shared between the buyer and seller.

8. HOA Transfer Fees

Ensuring current dues, fees of $200-$250 may be split 50/50 or covered entirely by the seller.

Real estate agent in Woodland Park, CO. Contact Mary Steinbeiser for more information.

9. Home Warranty (1 year)

Though not mandatory, sellers cover the $300-$500 cost to offer protection on major home systems.

10. Real Estate Transfer Tax

Varied by location, this cost is borne by the seller.

11. Escrow Deposit for Property Taxes and Mortgage Insurance (2 months)

Buyers cover this cost, which varies based on the home's price and location.

12. Homeowners Insurance (premium for the first year)

With an average cost of $1,300, buyers pay for coverage against potential home damage.

13. Closing Fee or Escrow Fee

Paid to the title company, escrow company, or attorney, this cost (typically 1% of the sales price) is split equally between the buyer and seller.

Additional Fees:

Other potential fees in the transaction may include a loan application fee, underwriting fee, survey fee to determine property lines, or natural hazard disclosure reports.

Understanding these costs empowers both buyers and sellers to navigate the closing process with clarity and confidence. For personalized advice tailored to your unique situation, consult with your trusted real estate professional.

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